Drain Cleaning and Unblocking

The Warning Signs of Drain Problems

It is best to fix drainage problems before they become an emergency. Here are some warning signs which you should not ignore as they may indicate that you have blocked drains :

  • You may notice bad or unusual smells around your drains, sinks or shower
  • You may find that when flushing the toilet it takes longer to clear, or the water level rises higher than usual
  • When emptying sinks it may take water longer to run away, and you may hear a gurgling sound

KD Cleaning & Drain Jetting can deal with drain problems before they become a disaster! If you have noticed any of these warning signs call us on 07903 324967 or 01775 760912 before the problem becomes more serious.

The Causes of Blocked Drains

The causes of drain blockages may vary. Sometimes through daily use drain blockages can develop - such as fats and grease from kitchens which cannot be effectively washed away, or if non-flushable items are discarded into toilets.

Sometimes a simple accumulation of dirt, silt, leaves or other debris may cause blocked drains. Alternatively there may be structural issues caused by roots, corroded pipework, or damage brought on by subsidence or building work.

Whatever the cause, KD Cleaning & Drain Jetting is fully equipped and professionally trained to locate the source of the problem and to quickly and effectively fix it.

Fixing The Problem

For most drain problems a combination of high pressure drain jetting or drain rodding will fix the issue.

Drain jetting involves the use of a high pressure water hose - using various types of nozzles this can usually quickly and effectively clear build-ups of fat, grease, leaves and other blockages.

For more complex problems we may use a CCTV camera system to locate the source of the problem - such as obstructions or more serious structural issues.

KD Cleaning & Drain Jetting Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve your problems quickly, efficiently and at a fair price, serving Lincolnshire and the Cambridgeshire area on a daily basis, including Spalding, Holbeach, Kings Lynn, Peterbrough, Skegness, Boston and surrounding areas.

Drain Maintenance - Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Regular drain maintenance and drain inspections help to prevent problems before they develop and can be useful in preventing damage to your drainage systems.

KD Drain Cleaning can carry out regular annual drain maintenance contracts to keep your drains clear and in good running order, including water jetting to minimise the build up of scale and debris.

We can deal with drain problems before they become a disaster!

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